The Barcelonian (G&T)

by burntttoast


I like myself a good G&T as much as the next aficionado, but I do get bored with it pretty quickly. I need some pizazz. The current favourite around here is the cucumber and black pepper combination, which is wonderful in its own right. And after two of those, crunching on a diluted strand of gourd, I have often wondered what other fridge ingredients could be added to amp up the next phase of the evening… and this is what I found. A lovely friendship of flavours, somewhere between a martini and a gin and tonic, with enough goodies thrown in to keep you satisfied till the end.


The Barcelonian (G&T)

Inspired by this recipe


Ice (at least 5 cubes)

30ml gin

a squeeze of lemon juice

a lemon twist

one big green olive (preferably Sicilian)

one caper berry

a sprig of rosemary, smacked with the back of a spoon to release some of the delicious oils

60-80ml tonic water

a pinch of Maldon sea salt

Get yourself a glass and add the ingredients one by one until you’ve topped everything up with tonic water. Finish everything of with the salt. Donesies.